Fab Glow™ White Gold Skin Tightening Cream
Fab Glow™ White Gold Skin Tightening Cream

Fab Glow™ White Gold Skin Tightening Cream

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Works best with our Fab Glow™ 5-in-1 Skin Tightening Device!

Enhance your skin like never before with our Fab Glow™ White Gold Skin Tightening Cream!

Moisturize your face the right way! We know that our body and mind require a good night's sleep to restore energy, but did you know that sleep is essential to our skin, too? Fab Glow™ White Gold Skin Tightening Cream is designed to work in tandem with the natural nightly function of your skin to hydrate and replenish your complexion. Even if you aren't able to get all 8 hours of sleep, you'll awake feeling refreshed with skin that is more radiant, more supple, and softer.


  • It gives brighter, fuller and plumper skin.
  • It is an Anti-aging/ Anti-wrinkle cream that eliminates 99% of wrinkles on the face.
  • Rich expression, improper nursing, and outflow of collagen protein that make you look 10 years older.
  • It helps to prevent forehead wrinkles, fishtail line, Chuan character wrinkles, nasolabial wrinkles, and eye pouch wrinkles.
  • Reduces dry lines and fine lines, enhances skin firmness, leaving it smooth and elastic.
  • It has collaxyl collagen protein which is added for the apparent effect for skin.
  • It can instantly convert nutrition ingredients needed by skin, allowing skin to recover vitality.
  • Improve roughness of skin on the face, as well as holes and various microgrooves caused by weakened skin repair ability due to the outflow of collagen protein.


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